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Thai Wooden Tok Sen Tools Set

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  All Wooden Products are natural and hand made in Thailand

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Pack No.1 ( Out of Stock )

All In one Pack Tok Sen Tools 

Everything You Need For Tok Sen Therapy Is Include in Your Box

Tok Sen Tools for Body and Facial even for Bone 

 This Set ( 17 Pcs )  is out of stock . will be Available soon . 

  • 17 Pcs 
  • 2 Pcs Plastic and 15 Pcs Wood
  • Orginal From Thailand
  • Handmade Wooden Tools
  • Approved by Tok Sen Therapy Master
  • 2 business day for shipping
  • Air post tracking number
  • 4-7 days delivery time ( EMS )
  • Include shipping cost
  • Ship To WorldWide

 Pack No.2

 Tok Sen Tools  ( 8 Pcs )

You Can Use This Set for Full Body Tok Sen Therapy Treatment

One Small Set and One Big Set

Tok Sen Tools for Body and Facial

Tok Sen Tools 8 Pcs

$ 195 USD

  • 1 Small Set Tok Sen Tool
  • 1 Big set Tok Sen Tool
  • Hamdmade Wooden Products
  • Use for Full Body Treatment
  • Made In Thailand
  • Approved By Master of Tok Sen Therapy
  • 2 business day for shipping
  • Air post tracking number
  • 4-7 days delivery time ( EMS )
  • Include shipping cost
  • Ship To WorldWide

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****Please Note ****

About Thai Tok Sen Tools Set :

Our Tok Sen Wooden Tools is 100% natural Wood , Handmade , not add color , not chemical process , made in Thailand . 

We have some plastic tools also because for some part of body need softer tools for treatment also vibration is different .

And For doing Tok Sen Therapy , you need to be professional Tok Sen Therapist and Study About Tok Sen Tools Before Start Therapy and use Tok Sen tools . 


New, never use. 

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